Fita Forte® - TAB

The FITA FORTE® TAB is the most practical version of Transparent Double Sided. It allows easy application and greater practicality in the applications, as it is already cut into TABs, facilitating the application process. It is a product of excellent performance and can be used in the most rigorous applications. It has great applicability in the construction and decoration, industrial and visual communication markets.

Weight specifications:
Each 4 tape TABs support 1kg.


Not suitable for gluing mirrors.

• Before applying, confirm that the object has no protrusions that prevent the full contact of the tape with the surfaces; • After application, it is suggested to wait 24 hours for the adhesive to acquire the necessary efficiency, if possible using a wedge; • Do not use on uneven, porous, damp, contaminated surfaces (dust, grease, oil, wax, etc.), with fresh paint or that are easily detached (loose plaster, peeling paint or wallpaper); • Do not use to hang shelves; • Do not stick one tape over the other in order to increase the thickness; • Store in the original packaging, in a covered, dry environment and at room temperature.


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